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Multiple Pineapple tunnels?


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In my attempt at getting autossh up and running (thank to Episode 1112) I tried the same process on my Mk4 as I did on my Mk5.

It worked as expected but I wondered how people manage multiple remote devices.

For example, if I wanted to pen-test a company with multiple sites and deployed a Pineapple to each of them. How could I get them all to SSH in to the same relay server and then connect to multiple at once or at least one after the other?

Is it a simple case of keeping a note of where each Pineapple is and what it's SSH port is?

Any advice would be appreciated!



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Yeah, I've got three or four different boxes out in the field, and I just start at port 20,000 and work my way backwards on the server.

So, if I

ssh localhost -p 20000 -> RPi

ssh localhost -p 19999 -> Beagle Black

ssh localhost -p 19998 -> MK5

I can't access all of them at once, but as long as the keys are set up in both directions, you can script it. Each access just happens sequentially.

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