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Hydra/wordfield brute force question


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Hi all

I have a question about hydra brute force program. I have used it successfully before but this time I want to try and use it a little differently. I am testing my SSH server.

I don't know if this is possible however... don't ask don't get

I want to use a program called wordfield, a word list generator and throw its output to hydra for its user name and password instead of saving it to a file and then putting the path to the file in hydra...

So instead of 'hydra -L /path/to/file -P /path/to/file ssh'

I would want 'hydra -l *insert worfield output* -p *insert wordfield output* ssh'

when using wordfield on its own you can send the output to a file (which can sometimes cause problems as the file sizes are HUGE) OR run it live in terminal, which means all the generated words fly past... I want them to fly into hydra

I hope that makes sense im sure its not a simple as I would like it to be but im sure a little programming could do it.



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