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Changing MAC Address


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Hi guys,

I have a network where MAC filtering is put in place. Would it be possible to change the MAC address of the WiFi Pineapple to bypass the MAC filtering, then use the WiFi Pineapple as a wireless router?

I need access to the network via 2 computers, but there is only 1 LAN port and it's locked to that specific computer's MAC address..

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I typically type "macchanger -r wlan0"

Easier and faster, -r means random

as Sailor said, first type "ifconfig wlan0 down" to turn it off

after that you type "macchanger -r wlan0" which gives you a random MAC address

and last you type "ifconfig wlan0 up" to activate your wifi card agian :)

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This may be me just not understanding as I am still fairly new to all of this. But when I run the command:

ifconfig wlan0 down && macchanger -r wlan0 && ifconfig wlan0 up

I am prompted with a success that it has changed. I can go into the network settings on the interface and see that it has changed. The thing is when I check by recon to make sure it was truly a success it still shows up as the old mac address? The settings in network interface shows the new mac but when I recon it still shows the old one. Its probably something simple but any help is great!

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