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GRAVITY (2013)* Best Space Movie Ever Done since Apollo 13

Skorpinok Rover

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One of the best space movie i ever seen since Apollo 13 (1995), movie is worth every penny.The visuals in Gravity are absolutely stunning! The views of the earth from space and the way the graphics are completed really give you a small sense of what it would be like to be in space.the story is decent with a brilliant direction, wonderful music. the G-force was captured in a realistic way.am not a 3D fan bt i purchased a 3D ticket coz i know which movie shud b viewed in 3D. my only complaint its only 1hr-30 min i wish it was atleast +2hr. but there is a secret why director kept dis movie short u'll know after u see it.if u like sci-fi take this.

Pros: Long takes of camera,Sound Editing,music,Direction,Decent Plot, & Acting.

Con's : 90 min.

overall : 9/10


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Not sure if I'd say it was the best... it was good. But very repeatitive.. Bunch of space junk swarms them.. run away..swarms them...run away. It looked stunning. A particle effect dream! And some good looking glimpses of Mrs. Bullock ;) And I agree I'm a fan of long takes especially one people's faces in movies. Very touching, I loved the scene where Bullock hallucinates about Clooney giving her advice. I also love when characters find inner mental strength.

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