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Can it do uuencode?


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I wonder if this scenario is possible:

You take some application, let's call it somethinng.exe, uuencode it, and load it to Rubber Ducky.

Then, on target machine this happens:

Rubber Ducky opens notepad.exe

types uuencoded text (that is actally somethinng.exe)

opens winzip and uudecodes that text

executes something.exe

2) Could this be done using usb to ps/2 adaptor on machines that have usb disabled?

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This can be done, except it's easier (and better) to encode the exe in Base-64, type out a VBS file to decode the Base-64, and then run it.

In theory, I see no reason why a PS/2 adapter wouldn't work, the only problem being that PS/2 requires a reboot to work, so you'd need to log in again and anyway - lengthy periods of time (like rebooting) is what the ducky is trying to avoid..

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