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Sci-Fi Short Films, Vacuity

Skorpinok Rover

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  • Hi,

Sometimes i think that short low budget sci-fi movies are better than todays big budget movies without proper plot, take for example GI Joe ( 2013), Battleship (2012), am a big fan of James Cameron & i was expecting more in Avatar but it didnt deliver that kind of genuine stuff we saw in Aliens(1986) or The Abyss , District 9 was million times better than avatar, the editing,script,direction everything is 10/10. peter jackson took niel blookamp under his wing & knew what he was capable of, but the academy messed up everything & didnt like the focking prawns & so instead went for pandora aliens who can speak english better than sky people WTF.. ? the only scene i liked in avatar was last fight between self operated mechanical robot & jake sully, just like Riply with Queen alien in Aliens (1986). & i think james horner was forced to compose unwanted soundtrack during that fight which is very very bad......

not a best short sci-fi movies,but good & worth to watch if u r bored & looking for timepass.... :D





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