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Need help getting 3g modem to work


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Im a bit new to mobile broadband and am trying to get it to work on my pineapple with version 3.0.0. I have a Franklin u600 and am using virgin mobile for my provider. Ive attached a jpeg of my setup screen. Im not even sure which /dev/USB# to use but ive tried 0 - 4 and none work. Whenever I change it and click the "re-dial" I dont see any lights flash on my modem so its like its not even trying. I just have a solid green light on my modem. I tried re-flashing my pineapple too just in case and still same issue.

I left the provider/password blank. The reason I did this is on my linux box I just make a new connection in gnome network manager, select virgin mobile - this has #777 for the number. It doesnt use the username and password and it connects and works fine.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I did use a usb hub and a flash drive but I removed that from the equation after I reset the pineapple to make troubleshooting simpler.



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Yeah I hear ya. I searched around and didnt see that. I re-searched and sure enough I missed that post. Thank You very much!! Ive been trying to get this to work and been very frustrated. Thanks to the post you posted :P - I got this to work tonight - finally.

Thanks much Deathdealerxx & headros!!!

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