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Pineapple not seeing other WiFi networks


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Folks, wondering if I can get some assistance here. I bought my Pineapple Mark IV about 6 months ago but am just getting it up and running now.

I am a bit of a novice, so I am sorry if this is an ignorant question, but...

It appears I have everything configured correctly. I have the Pineapple connected to my Windows laptop via PoE/LAN. I can log into the Pineapple, I have updated its firmware to v3.0.0, etc.

However, it appears at the device is not detecting and broadcasting for other wireless networks. The WPS light on the device is blue but not flashing. I dont see any other clients connected to it, other than my laptop ethernet port. I cannot see anything in the logs that indicates its seeing other WiFi networks.

I can confirm there are two other WiFi networks in the vicinity, both of which I have connected to (they are open) and can access the Internet from.

So my first question is "how can I validate that my assumption is accurate, that the Pineapple is not seeing another WiFi network?"

Secondly, assuming that is correct, what steps can I take to attempt to address the problem?


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Well, interesting question. Yesterday, when I was having this problem, yes I could see the pineapple SSID being broadcast. But now that you have asked me this specific question, I went back and checked again this morning and found that now, no I cannot see it.

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If i had to guess i would say its the internal antenna cable, have you checked to see if the antenna cable is loose? This has happened to many people and me. Its almost like the power of your pineapple slowly dies over time. And after close inspection you find that the cable was just loose and barley hanging on. Also do you know the txpower for the wlan0 interface of your pineapple? (iwconfig wlan0) Also, do you know if karma is working? When you run karma, are you seeing any probe requests?

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No, I have not checked to see if the cable is loose. That is an excellent suggestion. Now for the next dumb question - how do i open up the box. There are no obvious screws, etc.

BTW I should have noted that the WLAN light is lit blue, solid blue. Not sure if that makes a difference.

To answer the question about txpower for the wlan0 interface, here is the response I get when I run that command:

wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn Mode: Master Tx-Power=18 dBm

RTS thr: off Fragment thr: off

Power Management: on

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To get under the hood of the pineapple, there are screws under the rubber feet of the pineapple. I dont remember the exact procedure, but search it on these forums, i know its a thread. And the WLAN light, if its on then you know at least your pineapples wifi is up. Your txpower is at 18 whitch is should be. So my advice, look for that how to open the pineapple thread and check the cable.

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Thanks for the info BooB00. I was able to open up the device, per your suggestion. Cable looks secure to me. I went ahead and unfastened and refastened it. Same result, unfortunately...

I also downloaded the Site Survey tool (v1.1). It can see the SSID of the wireless network it should be re-broadcasting. In fact, it can see both wireless networks in my environment.

My guess is that for some reason, its just not re-broadcasting.

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In that case, you should just name the pineapple's network what the legit networks name is and enable karma. That way say someone comes home to the legit network, your pineapple (which has the same name) picks up that probe and BAM! your their router!

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