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Connecting to a wireless hotspot 3 floors down...


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I am looking for the easiest and hopefully least power-consuming way to get connection to a wireless hotspot that is 3 floors bellow where my network is.

I'm moving into a new place temporarily but can't have Internet installed, the place is attached to a pub, and the pub has "The Cloud" free wifi hotspot installed. I can run an ethernet cable to the router itself but DHCP on the router is disabled and appears to establish a VPN into the core The Cloud network...

So I believe I have two options, either attempt to get connected via a cable or have a device connected to the wireless signal down there and bridge or share the connection over ethernet..

I have connected via ethernet and have tried setting a bunch of static IP's and run netscan, found a few IP's of devices, connected via wifi too and run netscan (each side of the access point has a different IP range). I set IP gateway etc to what I thought was the Sky router but unable to ping outside.

This is why I'm thinking using an old laptop and bridging the connections may be my best bet at this point...

Has anyone had any experice with The Cloud in this manner or any silar public wifi systems?

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So after some tinkering this evening with wireshark, I have discovered that the router (Sky branded Sagemcom) only responds via one of the four ethernet ports (but you can see every other device on the network), the Ruckus Wireless access point seems to only serve the wireless and nothing else (I thought it may handle the authentication but no).

The router seems to connect a VPN within it to The Cloud network which handles the DNS servers and authentication remotley.

There was a spare ethernet port on the access point, plugged a cable from there to my laptop and it connected OK and brought up the login portal.

My next step is to attempt to bypass this, but having seen Darren's example of bypassing captive portals, I don't think I can without a remote server...

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