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QUICKILL Patched for CMGGuard

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Kills all unknown processes to quickly free up memory! tested XP/Win7

* you need admin

* exclates to SYSTEM

* runs psexec to dump a list processes not in the whitelist

* kills all the task that are not in the whitelist


cd C:\quickkill

wmic  process list brief | gawk "{print "PsExec" $2}"| egrep -vi "(conhost\.exe|explorer\.exe|winlogon|Name|System|UI0Detect|WMIC|svchost|lsass|lsm|spoolsv|cmd|smss|csrss|wininit|services\.exe|wdm|cmgshieldsvc|emsservice|emservice)" > out.txt

FOR /F "delims==" %%A IN ('type out.txt') DO cax /killall %%A

shutdown -a
shutdown -a
shutdown -a
shutdown -a
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