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Arduino Pin Mapping


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Hey all!

OK some of you may or may not remember my Arduino Uno LDC project (it works and 100% rocks! Doing some cable upgrades, trying to get ribbon cable in line instead of 18Gauge wire)

what I want to do is an ultra-upgrade to it:

I'm looking at the pin mapping for the microprocessor ( http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/Atmega168Hardware ) and my goal is I want to embed the microprocessor from the uno onto a socket on a PCB and have DC power (some sort of 5v Battery). Of course I'd flash the microprocessor before embedding it :)

Is anyone familiar with this? the data pins I can identify and just creat some B-port headers on the PCB , but my biggest struggle is (in a wiring aspect) going from the 5v source, to the crystal , to the microcontroller. It looks like I have a DCC and a ground on the right side of the pin map, but is that the one I need?

Thanks :)

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