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Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody tried to install Transmission to the WiFi Pineapple.

I've installed it to my USB (cli, daemon & web), edited the /usb/etc/config/transmission and ~/.config/settings.json but when I try to open the WebUI I get:

404: Not Found

Couldn't find Transmission's web interface files!

Users: to tell Transmission where to look, set the TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME environment variable to the folder where the web interface's index.html is located.

Package Builders: to set a custom default at compile time, #define PACKAGE_DATA_DIR in libtransmission/platform.c or tweak tr_getClutchDir () by hand.

Any idea on how to fix this? I'm trying to make the Pineapple a mini-NAS while firmware 2.8.0 gets more stable and I can use it with karma in the public. Meanwhile, I want to use it to download torrents over night (not big ones, but some that contain lots of small files)

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