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Hello everybody. If anyone looks for a team, just pm me. I made a distro called MadSec OS, you can check the distro here:

It was made for penetration testing, but you can use it for office work too. It is based on xubuntu 12.10. We are group of 4 people, but we are looking for someone who is active. We want to start this project as another good distro and community for pentest lovers. Currently i'm working on the final version 1 of the distro. So...

What you have to know/be to join our team?

1. Speak a bit English

2. Work with linux

3. Know something (for e.g. graphic design,website making,script writing,coding,pentesting)

4. Active

5. Friendly

I hope, we will find someone who is interested. Have a nice day.


~the leader of MadSec Team.

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