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Quick question on battery life

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What is the estimated battery life using the pineapple juice battery on full charge? I plan to use the occupineapple running on autostart. I don't plan to use a USB hub or extra Wi-Fi adapter. I'm only using the simple 5 dBi antenna. I can also go without the USB. I currently use the USB fit 4GB from the Hak Shop. How much of a difference would that make using it or not? What settings should I put that would increase battery life without reducing the effectiveness of the occupineapple module (I just need to show the SSIDs from a list)? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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I don't think your going to get a 100% correct answer as everyone will do something different with their pineapple, what I would suggest is you do a couple of test runs on your own unit, to give you a idea about how much time you will get out of your own set up, but with a minimal setup, 5 - 6 hours at the least is what your looking at.

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