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Water Cooling for Dummies


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ok, I'm venturing into a realm I'm a 100% no0b at: Water Cooling for PCs. I'm wanting to build a rig that will live in the family room (the main tv, a 40" , will be the main monitor, and have the ability for satelite monitors if applicable). What I'm going for:

An Asus Maximus V Extreme

I have two x 2GB DDR3 sticks of RAM for it

I have a Cooler Master 460w PSU (should be enough for basic operation? mobo has HDMI, planning that to go to my monitor)

Cooler Master case (current model is unknown, photo upon request)

I'm wanting to get an Intel 1155 i5 or i7 chip.

I'm looking at the Koolance CPU-380i Water Block ( http://koolance.com/cpu-380i-processor-water-block )

and I'm also eyeballing the Koolance 2x12 Radiator ( http://koolance.com/radiator-2-fan-120mm-30-fpi-copper )

my questions are:

- What size tubing will I need for that? I think 3/8in

- fixtures?? There is a lot more than I thought , deer in the headlights

- anyone recommend a good pump & resovior?

- What about the coolant liquid: is there a specific type I need? wanting to do like an alien/blood/deep red for show (gotta show it off to house guests B) )

lastly: any advice? again total deer in the headlights but I want to learn. Thanks in advance! :D

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