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Pineapple "index of/" pg.

Alm Mathis

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Good day to all,

I was playing around with dns spoofing, using WinSCP to transfer files in the /www folder. I copied several folders over including a new "redirect.php" (not sure if this is even what's causing the problem) At first it worked fine, I would log in to the pineapple from another laptop, and it would open "facebook.html" (or what ever .html i made it)

Now, after experimenting with that, and some other things, such as rickrolling, i have come to a halt. When i log in to the pineapple from any other computer or even just opening in my browser, it comes up to this page " INDEX OF/... (Then listing all the folders in the /www) I searched the forums and online, the only thing i can think to do is just flash it and start new.

I thought i would ask before i continue and tear something up, any help would be much appreciated.


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