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Need a Name for a P2P Social Network


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Developing a pythonian p2p social network. Here are the details:

- P2P of course
- Free and Open Source
- Semi anonymous (Status updates will be stored on the computers of people who are subscribed to your feed so they will more than likely come from them. The chat feature however will be live and come directly from your IP.)
- I plan to encrypt all traffic
- There will be profiles but only a limited amount of fields (phone number, address, city, state, country, place of work)
- Companies and organizations can create their own feeds and people can comment publically on them.
- You can block someone if you don't like them. Other people will still see their statuses (even if they're addressed to you).
- Except for the chat, it's pretty much like twitter.
- Messages are only allowed to be <= 512 characters long.
- Each user has a profile ID hash which is how friends find oneanother.
- The hash corresponds to a GPG key which is what you use to sign all your statuses.
- I'm thinking of incorporating server nodes in later for individuals behind firewalls.

Anyway, I've been hacking at the server protocol for this all night. I plan to start on the GUI next week. I'm currently on Google Code and have realized that I don't have a name. I would love to hear some names tossed out to see if I like any of them. Thanks for your time.

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