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Just got my Pineapple Holiday Bundle... "Error Connecting"


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Love the quick shipping, and the fact that I got this a day before Christmas. But no matter what I do I cannot delve deeper into this pocket sized bit of awesomeness. I am able to connect to the Web UI, I "believe" I have set it up correctly on my backtrack 5 r3 laptop since I am able to browse to the web interface, but I cannot get any further from there. When I attempt to view modules from the Pineapple Bar all I get in return is a connect error. When I try to view my public IP, I get the same. I am personally trying to pentest my residential wlan, which is made up of a commercial modem/router with a different subnet (begining octate) of my run of the mill wireless N router, however I have (to the best of my knowledge) input all of the ./wp4 settings correctly.

If I have left out any important info to allow you awesome folks to assist me please feel free to chime in. All I want for Christmas is to get this thing to work and hopefully install the awesome mods from whistlemaster and the rest of the 1337 crew.... should be a simple request right?

P.S. I am connecting my PA via the PoE Lan port to my Lappy which in turn is connected to my wireless lan. I have disconnected from all other connections in Wicd and was able to successfully connect to the "Pineapple 8b:57 blah" connection, which allowed me to browse to the web interface. after that, I could not get any further...

Thanks in advance.

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It seems like a problem with ICS - the pineapple is not getting access to the interwebs. You should be able to confirm this my clicking "reveal public ip" on the status page.

The only thing that I can think of is playing with the ./wp4.sh script. Have you tried using all the default values, i.e. just pressing enter without entering your own data?

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