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My long envied WAF Apache module is finally available for purchase. It uses regular expression rules(user defined) against the URI being requested to determine if the request should be dropped or not. I use this module as a cornerstone of my web server security and have various scripts built around it to bridge the gap between the web server and the firewall.

Here is the link to the page describing the WAF: https://www.ballastsecurity.net/mod_ballastsec_waf/

Here is a link to a sample of how to integrate it into your web server firewall: https://www.ballastsecurity.net/blog/mod_ballastsec_waf-iptables-and-ipset/

If someone is willing to donate a server, I am willing to write a version that doesn't permanently ban rule offenders so people can get a feel for how it works and play with it a bit.


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