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WiFi Surveillance QuadCopter Concept


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Just wanted to post a few pics of a project I'm working on before I finish it. Sorry if you think this should be under Jasager, I figured it would be at home here considering it's a project rather than 'What makes the Pineapple tick'.

Anyway; 2 linked Pineapples, one for jamming/deauth and the other for karma with 3G service. Both routers are powered by small LiPo USB boards (get about 45 mins power), all stacked on a quad. So far everything has tested well, no noticeable interference between the two antennas. Quad comms will run off of 72Mhz so no additional interference expected. Will eventually hold a DJI Naza autopilot, GPS and I'm hoping to figure out an FPV solution but we'll see.

Sorry in advance for the picture quality.



Obviously there are no motors, ESCs, etc. it's just a platform for now but figured I'd post incase anyone is interested in the design.

Disclaimer: Of course I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to go fly this around my neighborhood and get myself sent to prison. This is intended for personal use as a proof of concept in controlled environments. I don't recommend that anyone make this unless they have the same intentions.


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