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pineapple bar web install issue


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Hello, Im having an issue with the web install of modules with the pineapple bar


Hardware: pineapple IV

Software: 2.7.0

OS: BT 5 r 3

Connection: used the script (on the screen)

ping: positive, both: from pc to pineapple, pineapple to (screen)

usb: cruzer fit 4 gb from the hakshop(output on the screen)


The issue is, when I click install to usb, Im stuck at the page (1st screen ) no matter how long I wait....

what I did to attempt to "fix" the issue:

I did the opkg update in the ssh session

strange stuff: I have no problem to install opkg install --dest usb nmap

but jammer (no package found)

That was dumb :) , I didn't allow scripts in the FF

SOLVED :rolleyes:

(However, there still is the issue of power. cruzer fit 4gb could not be set up properly if powered with the usb power cord from the hakshop....)

I think there is nothing you can help me out with.....

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