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Standalone WiFi repeater questions..


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So I just got this (not) fancy new WiFi "repeater" to up the speed to some of my further away devices. Mine looks identical to this one, with the exception that mine is not branded at all. http://preview.tinyurl.com/8tky3np. The factory OS/interface on this thing is very minimal with a lot of ambiguity.

What I want this thing to do is simply receive a signal from my WiFi AP router, and pass it along to clients, and vice versa. I don't want the repeater to serve any router functions such as DHCP or crypto. I don't want it to be a new access point. I just want to have one router and one WiFi network, one SSID.

Is it possible, in practice, to use a WiFi device like this to simply receive and repeat a WiFi radio signal, both to & from the AP Router and to & from WiFi client devices without having to use two SSID's?

Some operational info; I can plug the device into an outlet and see it's radio signal on a Windows laptop and connect to it and change parameters in the devices OS interface I can plug the device into an outlet 50 feet form my router and connect to it with WiFi, and ping google, but it has it's own SSID, and a survey shows 2 SSID's in range of my laptop, but I only want a single SSID. Is that possible?

If someone could explain how this is generally accomplished, I might be able to decypher the OS's interface and get it done without further help. If I can't I will post some screen shots so that maybe someone can help me more directly. Thanks for helping.

Oh, also, I considered flashing the thing with better firmware, but I can't find the manufacturer, much less the chipset . I have flashed routers before, but I have no way to know if this little thing is compatible with any linux based AP OS firmwares. Needless to say, a reflash will be the last resort.

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