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Wifi Network Ssid - How Can I Hide / Stop Broadcasting?

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First post, so please excuse question if it is obvious. I did search and could not find info in the forum.

Using the 2.6.4 firmware how do I hide/block the WIFI network name SSID of the pineapple?

I know that" Network Monitor" module has configuration for this but it seems not to work with 2.6.4.

Right now I'm accessing internet connection using a second ALFA NHA usb on wlan1 and porting that over to wlan0

to have internet access on the wlan0. "Network Monitor" module did not work for this.

So using this method worked.

Mk4 Usb Wifi Dongle Internet Sharing How-To

http://forums.hak5.o...fi +permissions

So at the moment I can connect to wlan0 "pineapple" WIFI and access internet that is being ported from wlan1 which is connected to WIFI that has internet. I want to restrict "pineapple" wifi access so only I can access the pineapple while capturing running Karma. Blocking the SSID seems like an easy way.

How can I do this?

Is there a better way of accomplishing this?


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I just wanted to mention that wlan1 should be shared with br-lan and not wlan0, could cause an issue with other tools on the pineapple.

For the do not broadcast ssid question search opwnwrt and /etc/config/wireless

U should find out the command to change/add in /etc/config/wireless.

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