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Its seems to be logging somthing, ive tried a few websites ans put user names and password in on them but dont seem to be seeing the user/password on the log file. when using sslstrip, should i just have this running only. or would anybody recomend using ettercap on the pineapple.


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Thanks for that, i see were i went wrong, the little tip you gave me about it been at the end sorted it out for me, must have had my eyes shut at the time. It all seems to be working great, so ill put a log file up just so it can be checked out. Thanks Again job complete i hope. :rolleyes:

sslstrip output_1348433847.log [september 23 2012 20:59:11]

2012-09-23 20:59:11,018 SECURE POST Data (my.screenname.aol.com):


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