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Wanting To Do An Internet Security Class, Not Sure Where To Start...


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Alright, this is my first post on your forums so hopefully I don't screw it up..

I have been a long time fan of Hak5 and everyone here on the forums, but I'm not a huge techy (I know my fair share but don't ask me to write my own OS) so I never really considered registering here on the forums until now.

My senior year of high school has just begun and in order to graduate I have to meet the requirement of a senior project that lasts 20 hours (planning and actually performing said project). I figured with all that I have learned from the show, forums, and other places on the inter-webs that I could do a really basic internet security class for the students, parents, and staff at my school. I know a few topics I want to cover but I'm not quite sure where to start, some of the stuff I want to talk about requires a lot of previous knowledge. What I am really trying to avoid is putting a giant wall of text with a bunch of unexplained technical terms up on the projector on the first day.

If possible, could you guys throw some ideas out for really easy to understand topics that I could start with? Eventually I'm going to try to get into things like the basic idea of encryption (summing it up into a 30 minute lesson of what it is and why you need it), black hat tools such as Remote Administration Tools, Botnets, etc.. but in order to get to those I need/want the class to enjoy being there instead of hitting them with a massive amount of technical information and giving them migraines.

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Encryption is a good topic, if you can explain it without relying too much on mathematical proofs.

For example: http://www.wimp.com/howencryption/

If you want people to care, make it about defense rather than offense. Teach them how to be safe on the Internet. Maybe teach them about plugins that improve their browser security or about how to surf securely at a hotspot, or how to surf anonymously and use OpenPGP to sign/encrypt their emails.

Teaching people things that they can and will use is generally better than talking about tools and techniques that they will probably never touch.

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What I meant when I said I was going to bring up things like botnets was to show what they are capable of doing and then show how to defend against getting attacked by one. But thanks for the link on encryption, this should help a lot.

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