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Manually Patching Hostapd To Install On Vanilla Openwrt


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Hello everyone,

i know this post is not so strictly related to pineapple but more with jasager project in general.

I would like to experiment more with my openWRT vanilla router, i searched around and googled alot but unfortunately i couldn't find much documentation about this topic so here i come asking you gurus for some help :)

here is the point, i've an ath9k based openWRT router, which uses mac80211 drivers (not madwifi), afaik the first versions of karma were specifically designed to work with madwifi drivers.

On the digininja site i also noticed tho, that there is a patch for hostapd, which runs in userland and therefore should be compatible with ath9k.

Unfortunately i couldn't find any documentation on how i can apply patches to hostapd in the openWRT environment, i suppose i'll need to set up a build environment and then compile openWRT for my target device after having applied the proper patches to the core sources.

problem is, if i do hostapd -v i notice that version is 2.0.0, while digininja's site provides patch only for 1.0.

is the project still under development? am i missing a repository or something where newer versions are available?

thanks in advice.

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oh.. that's kinda good to know, do you know if these patches are available to the public for download and hack with?

can ask a couple of details also? which version of hostapd is running on the pineapple?

thanks :)

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