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So if you've seen any of my work, its a lot of defensive software. Whether its setting up port traps, making a custom firewall, or taunting your attackers, I try to make sure there are at least some good tools for the job.

This post is about a new Apache WAF I have been working on for bit. It uses regular expression rules to match raw URIs to determine if it should block an IP or not. I've been considering if I want to make this software publically available or not, or just use it for fun of taunting people scanning firebwall.com

I set it up so it will dump information on attacks to a publicly viewable file so people could use it to add to their own ban lists. You can take a look at http://www.firebwall.com/BallastSecWAFBans.cfg

The attackers are more than just logged, but also inspected by the WAF and detailed for me to review whenever I feel like looking into who failed to hide their attack.

I figured I'd open a thread to get comments/ideas and just to see general interest in me making it public. Also, if you follow me on Twitter, I usually post attacks with the tag #AnotherOneBitesTheDust

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