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Need To Connect To Distant Wifi


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Hi. I made some posts a few weeks ago about wanting to connect to distant wifi... didn't really get answers. Now that I am here I figured I would try this again. There's a WPA2 network of wifi spots that all have the same ESSID. All the passwords are the same (I have the password) but for some reason depending on which you connect to it gives you a different IP address. So far I can tell there's a and a network.

One gives me an IP of, subnet and a GW of with a broadcast of

The other gives me an IP of, subnet and a GW of with a broadcast of

I've never seen a network setup like this, although I am by no means a networking expert.

I brought my Pineapple IV and the USB external wifi with me. I also have a powered USB hub. I initially thought about using the Pineapple plugged into a hub with the 2gb USB and USB wifi plugged in to connect to wifi and repeat it locally. I wanted to use wlan1 on the Pineapple to connect to the distant wifi, then use wlan0 to create my own local network that routes thru the distant AP. I set up this scenario at home and it worked out well... I just didn't think it would be WPA2. Unfortunately I have no clue how to connect to a WPA2 network using the Pineapple. I fumbled around with wpa_supplicant with no success.

I would just plug in the USB wifi card to my laptop, but I have a MacBook Pro and there aren't any drivers for it. I was running a VM with Parallels and Windows 7/Linux which works except the laptop gets rather warm and I have a small SSD so having the VM on the SSD takes up a lot of space.

I figure the Pineapple making its own wifi network is a more efficient solution, that way I can have my MBP and other wifi devices on the network without struggle.

I figured you guys would know how to connect the Pineapple to a WPA2 network and also make it stay connected to a certain AP. When the signal gets low it tries to connect to the other AP and gives me a different IP, which is rather annoying when I am trying to upload reports.

Hopefully you guys can help or help me think of a better solution.

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It appears that each access point has its own subnet. I'm not sure why but it seems to me that it would defeat the purpose of roaming between them. If you want to learn more about the different subnet masks and subnetting Google 'CIDR'.

As far as connecting to them give this a try:


If you have the key remember to use the s: prefix if the password is plain text (ASCII). If it is numbers and a b c d e f then it is hex and don't use the s:

You also need to know the channel number of the AP you want to connect to. Use 'airodump-ng' to find the channel. Select an AP with the strongest signal strength. The numbers are negative and higher values are better. For example -70 is a stronger signal then -90.

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