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Reverse Ssh Tunnel - Clarification.

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Hey guys, I just wanted to clarify what is probably extremely basic.....

With SSH reverse tunnels (and AutoSSH), the pineapple creates an SSH tunnel to your SSH server (BT5 or whatever). Then, your SSH server can connect to the pineapple using SSH, HTTP, etc. I got this all working, which is perfect if the pineapple is deployed with 3g or behind a firewall.

My questions are;

1) Is the feature PURELY used for management of the pineapple (as described above)?


2) Is there a way to use this SSH tunnel to communicate with wireless (pwned) clients from my SSH server (BT5)?

I'm thinking that this is more for management of the pineapple. In order to route client traffic to my SSH server and then out to the internet, I guess I'm looking for a proper VPN tunnel configuration (SSH reverse tunnel was not intended for this application). I wanted to establish IP connectivity from my SSH server to the wireless clients, whereby I could launch metasploit etc.....

Can anyone confirm/deny the above?



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