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Monitor Wifi, Email Alerts When Someone Connects


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Six or eight year ago a had a great little windows program that would watch the network for what I assume was DHCP requests or arp activity and then alert with a wav file or send an email if a MAC popped up that was not on the "approved" list. Looking for something similar, with email support. Can't find anything good. The only thing close I could find was WirelessNetView, but it has no email abilities, uses a scanner to check for new IP's making a shit load of noise, and when a new MAC does connect, and then disconnects it removes it from the list that I would have to check when I want to see who was on, completely useless! Interested in a windows program, Win7, as I want to run it on the host PC, and not gum up my VM's, but would be interested to know what is available for Linux if I can't find any options.



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