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(kind Of) Advanced Python Backdoor

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Hi everyone,

some weeks ago a friend of mine told me that he wanted to write a program similar to metasploit's meterpreter, but in Delphi

so i picked the idea up and told him I'd try to do it in python since I'm quite good with python

after a few days of work i had the first prototype up and running and continued to work on it and fix bugs

so now i present to you:

Project Infinity: Ragnarok backdoor 0.3b



-bind and reverse mode

-can be easily compiled with pyinstaller or py2exe

-no additional python modules required

-easily extensible

-password protected access

-undetected by AV

-can execute shellcode without writing to disk

-can delete itself from disk

-doesn't need an external client(yet), you can connect using netcat

-can execute python snippets on the fly

-file up and download(download writes hex'd file to socket)


-make it run on windows without crashing

-implement encrypted communication and write a client program

-add an option to define functions on the fly

if you have questions or ideas feel free to post them

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