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Java Attack Methods


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Hey all,

I currently have a .jar file that I had custom made so when run it sets up a backdoor to connect back to an IRC server which is on my network to better manage the computers I'm pen testing.

Anyways I'm having a hard time getting the java program to run when a person connects to the pineapple. Can someone give me some tips as to where do I put the .jar file? under /www and then just have a the DNS spoof page linked to the location of the .jar file on the pineapple?

I'd like to incorporate this just as the SET java attack does...have the user click "ok" etc.. to run the java.. Anyone have any ideas?

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You want the captive portal page to run it as an applet. Keep in mind that applets sometimes have additional security restrictions so you'll probably want to test it in a browser to make sure it behaves the way you think it will when loaded over the captive portal.

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