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Mini-pini? Tp-mr3020



  1. 1. Next Name for the little TL-3020?

    • Canned Pineapple
    • Mini-Pini
    • Pineapple Chunk
    • Slice Pineapple
    • PineappleĀ³ (Cubed)
    • PineappleĀ² (squared)
    • √Pineapple (Square Pineapple)

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the TL-MR3020


I just got one of these for $30 online new, this is the device that 'PirateBox' (just a File sharing idea) uses. Well because i love the damn size of this thing and it's stats I think i can make a mini-Pineapple with this guy. I just put OpenWRT on it with a simple upgrade to the firmware though the Web interface, took all of 2mins!

Some ideas, start jasager, vpn to a server to allow remote access, (through 3G, wifi, or WAN) load a cloud drive to save info or save to usb. leave it in a bush with a 5v 2000mA batter and pentest from home through VPN.

VPN would allow remote sniffing if Tunnel was open to.

I dont know, thoughts?!?!

Ok the stats:

CPU :Atheros AR7240@400MHz

Ram : 32M (14M free when all is said and done with /tmp )

Flash : 4M :( but plenty of room for packeges with extroot, usbmount, or sambafs mount

Network : 1 x 100Mb

USB : 1 x 2.0 (but the host may be able to suport 2)

Serial : Yes (but you dont need it)

Switchs : 3 Mode (I love this idea, i can just flip the mode to execute a script. 1 WPS (asign to a script as well or exec mode when pressed)

OpenWRT info: http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-mr3020

PirateBox info: PirateBox

I just think this mini-pineapple could even work in conjunction with the pineapple. Its just too cool for its size

Oh and they are making a Battery oprated builtin 3G/4G with a usb port and its the size of a small cellphone (pager size) but no word how much

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It is cool but the 4mb flash why is that even being used today?

kinda makes me interested in buying one, does it get good reception? wifi

Keep, in mind I am just now playing with it. I've not really done my RF metering, and gain checks, That being said.

Im quite impressed with the PCB antennas. I picked up a 3dB gain compared to my iMac.

but because its a PCB antenna, it's so easy to souder a tnc/bnc connector. or even do some 2meter antennas.

looking at the stats, this is the same proc and same atheros chip as the MARK IV

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