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Version 0.60, "flying Fish", Of The Simple Phishing Toolkit (spt) Released


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Version 0.60 of the open source phishing education tool "spt" (Simple Phishing Toolkit) was released today. Notable features and improvements in this version include:

  • Email sending process when starting campaign completely rewritten.
  • Sendmail no longer used for sending emails, all email functions are handled by the SwiftMailer library.
  • Campaign statistics displayed in easy to use charts with filters powered by the High Charts library.
  • Thirteen built-in templates, twelve allowing for quick start campaigns. A quick start template just requires targets to exist and simulates an email where all you need is a link click (e.g. drive-by malware downloaders).
  • Eight built-in education modules, including four that do not require Internet access. More education options for your campaigns.
  • Quick Start content helps you get educating as quickly as possible.
  • UI look has been completely updated with color icons throughout for a modern, standardized, look and feel.
  • Improvements made to the module upload and design process for better install and removal results.
  • Logic to prevent duplicate target email addresses in a single target group.
  • New Admins - Test target group created that allows immediate testing of campaigns against the spt administrators (new v 0.60 installations only).
  • Dashboard module block layout reorganized to improve usability and get the information you need to you as quickly as possible.
  • Twitter feed for spt in the dashboard.
  • Entire spt codebase (not including SwiftMailer and High Charts libraries) has been "beautified" to be consistent and use the One True Brace Style (1TBS) as much as possible.
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks to improve usability.

You can track all current, past, and future planned, changes on the spt project site on the "Change Log" tab of the Download page at http://www.sptoolkit.com/download/.'>http://www.sptoolkit.com/download/.

If the project sounds interesting to you, please consider taking a look at it by downloading and testing it your environment. (We opted to remove the online demo of the spt after receiving some complaints from sites that were used to highlight the incredible effectiveness and ease of use of our site scraper). We always welcome all feedback and ideas as we continue to develop the project. Please feel free to contact us via replies to this thread, or via the contact form on the project web site.



- The spt project

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