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Programming Problem C#


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hey guys, im doing a Numerical N Body Simulaiton on 2 dimensions

that means that i can see the trip of stars like the Solar system.

but the problem isnt the physic but the C#

i used chart to show the points.

when i draw the points its showing them in the wrong place .. if its (0,0) its show them at (123,12312312)

and i cant understand what the problem...

please i need help.

i have to send the project in less then week...

for (int j = 0; j < s.number_of_bodies(); j++)


a = s.getx(j);// / 149597887000;

b = s.gety(j);// / 149597887000;

ch1.Series["Series" + (j + 3)].Points.AddXY(a, B);


the parameters a,b are DOUBLE type and they get the right value although its drawn in the wrong place at the graph(chart).

if its not wrong tell me and i'll upload the whole project so u can see this by urself.

thanks for reading!

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Try using the debugger in Visual Studio and setting breakpoints so that you can step and see the execution path and values of variables. You could also just use something like Console.WriteLine() to print variable values.

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