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milw0rm MD5 checker


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I decided to start to learn another langauge and thought ruby would be a nice langauge to know. So for my first program i decided to make a simple tool that will just check milw0rms md5 cracker to see if a submited hash has been crack or not. The code could probly be inproved but what do you expect for something that took me 30mins to write in a langauge i have never used before.


require 'net/http'

require 'uri'

# Print out an intro

def Intro()

    result1 ="milw0rm.com MD5 checkern";

    result2 ="Programmed by: Spidern";

    result3 ="irc: irc.hackedyourbox.netn";

    result4 ="http://www.cyber-t3ch.netn";

    return result1 +result2 +result3 +result4;


#sumbmit the hash and return the results

def getPage()

    res =Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse('http://www.milw0rm.com/cracker/search.php'), {'hash'=>$hash});


    return res.body();


#if retNum =1, then we want to return the passowrd.

#if retNum =2, then we want to return the status of the password

def getPass(str, retNum)

    str =str.split('<TR class="submit">');

    str =str[1].split('</TBODY>');

    str =str[0].split($hash);

    str =str[1].split('</TD><TD align="middle" nowrap="nowrap" width=90>');

    return str[retNum];


print(Intro() +"n");

#The user didnt give us a hash to check so tell them and die.

if(ARGV[0] ==nil)

    print("You need to tell me the hash you wish to look upn");


    $hash =ARGV[0];

    page =getPage();

    pass =getPass(page, 1); #We will assume the password has been cracked


    #if we didnt get a password back then we know it hasnt been cracked yet so 

    #we tell the user the status of the password instead

    if(pass =='')

        status =getPass(page, 2);

        status =status.split('</TD>');

        print("Status: " +status[0] +"n");


        print("Password: " +pass +"n");



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