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Windows Ftp Backup


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I am looking for an ftp program that when it uploads a file, it appends the file name with the date. I need it to be automated because I want to do backups from a windows 2003 server. I am backing up files to a centos server. I was going to build it all in a batch script but I have an issue zipping the file will appending the date and then uploading it. So after a couple hours of work I am just going to try and use a prebuilt program. Any suggestions?

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It would be easier to get the program you either use or designed to save the date in the file name. Windows has a built in ftp client you can use via the cmd line or a bash script. You could use one script to do the backup, zip/rar it up, and ftp it to your serv. Magics

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Upload the files, use a proper version control system for the version-ing (I would recommend git). This does introduce some problems for e.g. removing super old versions could become a bit tricky.

Regardless of these problems, I would strongly recommend looking at an existing version control system rather than making your own that's potentially not going to be as good in the long run.

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