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Getting Awus036h Working In Ubuntu


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The USB device is recognized in Ubuntu (11.10), but I can't get it to actually connect to anything when I disable my on-board wireless card (by flipping the switch on the laptop). I'm sure it's just a simple command in terminal and already been asked in the forums, but couldn't figure out the correct search criteria to get it to come up, lol. Any help from anyone?

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Well in Ubuntu you should have some kind of network manager to do all of the setup for you. In the upper right hand corner(typically) you should see a network manager of some kind running. Open it up and it should have a list of available wireless networks when you switch the interface from the Ethernet adapter to the Alfa card. Then just add your credentials for and you should be good to go.

I had to go through System Settings -> Network, to get the correct configuration settings to come up. That got it more figured out than it was, however, I still cannot turn off the internal card without that making the USB radio not work.(I can switch the "internal" wifi off, this causes the "external" wifi device to stop as well with no ability to turn just the "external" back on. This is probably some weird feature of Ubuntu though. Thanks for the help :D

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