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[guide] Vmware Bt5 With Pineapple

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This is just informational for anyone who wants to use the pineapple with a VM image.

I wanted to use a VM image to route the traffic through using internet connection sharing (ICS). I am running Windows 7 as the host, running the VM image of BT5 R1.

I used the VM virtual network editor:

on VMnet0 I have set it to Bridged and selected it to Bridge to the WiFi adapter.

on VMnet9 I have set it to Bridged ans selected it to Bridge it the Ethernet adapter.

On the VM image I have two network adapters:

Network Adapter: Custom (VMnet0)

Network Adapter 2: Custom (Vmnet9)

I am connected to wifi network at the house which is providing DHCP of

I setup eth5 (ifconfig netmask

Setup eth4 (dhclient eth4) (dhcp pulls from wifi)

At this point.

I can ping google.com and the pineapple (

I can surf to either webpage.

I connect another laptop to the ssid "pineapple". (I know ICS not setup....yet)

On the "victim":

I run ipconfig and ip was

Can't surf to google or ping google.com (Again, I know ICS not setup yet)

Can surf to and surf to pineapple page.

Time to setup ICS

Now I run the wp3.sh

Input in order:

Pineapple netmask:

Pineapple network:

Interface between pc and pineapple: eth5

Interface between pc and internet: eth4

Internet Gateway:

IP Host PC:

IP Pineapple:

script finishes and looks good.

on the VM:

ping google.com good!

ping pineapple good!

surf google.com good!

surf pineapple good!

on victim:

ping google no good!

surf google good!

ping pineapple good!

surf pineapple good!

So traffic is good!

on the VM:

start wireshark and capture on the any interface.

traffic is routed through the VM.

This provides a great way to still use your tools in backtrack VM.

Thanks to the HAK5 team!

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