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Gchqs Crack The Code Challange


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Hi Morfir,

Keep at it! The challenge is what makes it fun! Start by converting the 'code' to ASCII, then you'll find that working out the solution becomes more obvious. I found a signature that led me to the answer.



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I found it a bit of a joke, I never cracked any code, fired up maltego, ran some transforms on the site, and found www.canyoucrackit.co.uk/soyoudidit.asp (not to be a spoiler but ya)

You would think that after entering the correct password you would get a cookie to allow only the person that entered that correct password to be able to access that portion of the site (for say a limited amount of time), but no. It was a good idea but just seemed like kind of a fail on the overall design. Why would a hacker crack a code when he finds all the information needed in the information gathering portion of his research. Its like trying to crack a WPA key for a business when they have a bill board outside with the password on it. Good idea, and cracking challenges are fun, but its always a good idea to get some information on the entire infrastructure first. :)

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