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[Question] Mass Storage?


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while waiting for the new firmware with the mass storage capabilities. I was thinking of using a regular flash drive and a small usb hub ( plug both the usb rubber ducky and the flash drive in the hub and then plug the hub in the computer ) !The question i have is : how would you get the usb rubber ducky to use right drive letter ( the flash drive letter). if you put an executable in the flash drive, you can execute it from the script on the ducky!

I think there is a way of finding the Letter for drive that was last inserted !


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Anyone ? Lol

try this with windows key and r key

cmd.exe /C FOR /F %I IN ('wmic logicaldisk WHERE "DriveType=2" LIST BRIEF ^| FIND "Put in your volume name here"') DO %Ievilscript.bat

change Put in your volume name here with the volume name of your usb mass storage

and change evilscript.bat to what ever you want to run ie evilfolder\\evilscript.bat

that would be in folder evilfolder and run evilscript

not sure if there are errors with my code I took it out of my own library

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thx for the reply !

but the problem is i dont know the drive letter, each time yo insert it in a different computer it gets the available letter.

that code should find the drive letter and place it in the %i variable with the rest being your file to run

remember the volume name is the name all mass storage devices can have, right click and name to something then put that name into the string to find the letter

again i don't know if that particular code works there is the original somewhere on the forums if you search, it would be back in the teensy days of the ducky project.

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