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[Suggestion] Speech To Quack


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I have Parkinson's, and am finding keyboarding more and more challenging. I am also an old chainik/wannabe script writer who spends much of the day writing, scripting, or doing deskside support.

At home on my android device, I have found Nuance's FlexT9, especially the speech and trace input, much more efficient for me than keyboarding. I'd love to have a similar tool available at work, but with the following differences ...

- no internet connection needed for speech to text

- no "installation" required

- able to walk up to any box (or at least Win XP or Win 7 box) and use it almost immediately

- separate "grammars" for coding in different script languages or writing documentation

It seems to me that CMU pocketsphynx running on an Android device and pumping output through USB or bluetooth to a rubber ducky that I can jack in to any box might be the "ideal" helper. It also seems like all the pieces are there, but I seriously lack the skills to pull it together. I'm wondering if someone more wizardly would have an interest in helping an old noob?

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