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Really like gPxe. You can load an operating system from a web server. Just got clonezilla working via gPxe. Not sure which, but bt5 or xp will be next. Just have a small two gig hard drive in the laptop running whatever. If I need to stop what I am doing, I just shut the machine down and no one will know what was running.Since the hd is not used, there should not be tracks left behind so to speak of the last activity.

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Have the ipxe boot cd and have been playing with it for a while. They need better documentation for what I do, I will still take gpxe over it for now. Started using etherboot floppies with old p1's and ltsp4.x since it came out. Been a long time visitor of www.romomatic.net.

Hey, Just to let you know gPXE development ceased in summer 2010.

You should probably look at updating to the iPXE project which was formerly gPXE, which was formerly Etherboot lol :P

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