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Throwing Star Lan Tap And Dsniff


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I have my setup as follows:

internet --- Airport Extreme --- lan (2 wired servers , 5 wifi-devices)

My Throwing Star Lan Tap arrived and it looks like it is working as it should. My question is why a program like dsniff isn't collecting the passwords when having the tap between internet and Airport. I have bridged both incoming and outgoing packets to a separate interface and running "dsniff -i br0". If I do the same thing on the local host it displays the credentials. Same thing if I use dsniff while WPA is inactivated and just sniff the packets in the air.

Everything else looks like I think it should. I can se incoming packets on one interface, and outgoing on another. And URLsnarf can dump the URLs... But dsniff isn't outputting anything at all. Have I missed something obvious...? Or is it because I am using NAT?

Just curious why it doesn't work. Doesn't my tap collect all packets?

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Nono... It is my network. I am accessing an unsecure website or an unencrypted ftpserver from my own computer. Using dsniff directly on my laptop and the name/password shows up, but via the tap on my internet connection nothing at all shows up.

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