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[Version 1] Cool Idea


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Why cant you attach some storage (32mb would work; you just need enough to hold a word file or a ppt) to the controller board, and program the micro controller to first use the HID technique to exploit the computer and then once that process has been completed, reset the connection and then mask the device as a storage device by telling the computer that it is and offering the same protocol?

Would be a really cool way to mask the device as an USB ThumbDrive, and when the exploit is running the operator(s) would just think that the drivers for the USB drive are installing; so none would be the wiser--and they would still get access to a corperate "Presentation" after all is said and done--i say that is a win win. You could just make 1000 of them, and hand them out at a conference, and as they plug the devices into new computers, your exploit user base would expand without you having to do anything? Would take alot of capital to implement in this scenario, but you get the idea.

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I believe that having multiple COM ports allows the Ducky to emulate 3 devices simultaneously. I could be wrong, but I think with a firmware update it will allow exactly what you are talking about, but having both virtual devices running at the same time

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