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Metasploit Errors


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Hey guys, I'm trying to do some testing with Metasploit on my home network, but I have some errors I get occasionally (and I mean very often). I can usually get past the errors by trying over and over again, but I would like to get rid of them.

When I try to log in sometimes (I'm using the psexec exploit) and run "exploit" It runs all fine, and then I get the following error.

[-] Failed to load extension: No response was received to the core_loadlib request.

Some times it will appear twice. And then the connection dies.

When trying to migrate to another process, I get:

[-] Error running command migrate: Rex::TimeoutError Operation timed out

The computers are Windows 7 Home Premium X64

Is there a fix for these errors? It gets annoying to have to reconnect all the time. Sometimes I don't get them, and I can get passed it by trying over and over again.

Also... on a side note, are there any other good exploits to try? I've seen some kind of netapi one they use on Hak5. I don't know how I would use it though. I'm looking for an exploit that doesn't require a password (Although I know the usernames of all the computers).

Just a reminder, I'm doing this on my home network... I wouldn't even think of trying it anywhere else.

Thanks for the help guys!

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