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How To Open Up The Pineapple?

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If you have the 'Pineapple' in the Fonera (or Open Mesh) white case, there are small screws under

the two rubber feet in the front, its just a case of removing them and lifting the top lid off.

Once you can see the insides un-screw the antenna nut, be careful not to twist the antenna wire when doing this because you may damage it (use some long nose pliers to hold onto the bolt while removing the nut). From this you should be able to lift out the circuit and place it in anything you want.



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Have you got the mk1 or mk2 version of the 'Pineapple'

Mk1 has a fixed battery pack which is soldered onto the board.

Mk2 has a battery pack which plugs into the normal power input.

With out seeing a picture, I can only suggest re-solder the wire back on if its a Mk1, and I'm not to sure about the Mk2 but it might be the same solution as Mk1

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