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Rootnexus Zipit Z2 Help [ubuntu]


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Hey guys, has anyone got rootnexus running on the Zipit Z2 recently? I've been recently attempting it. But each time, I failed. I've been looking online for a tutorial for installing it but all I can find is Aliosa's, so without further delay, here's what I did.

- Used the flash script with the zimage renamed to kernal.bin from aliosa's site (OpenZipit shows when the device is booted)

- Now I've used dd to install rootnexus' image to the card (2 gb card).

When I finished dding the card, it instantly becomes unreadable by my machine with another partition. When I insert this into the Zipit, it get stuck on the openzipit screen and doesn't boot. Does anyone have a decent tutorial for this?

All help is appreciated. Thanks

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