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Sync Ideas?


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Hey all,

I setteth thee a challenge..

I have numerous PC's Windows/various linux flavours/BSD boxes etc etc, and i work on whichever one i need depending on where i am, what im doing etc etc. I need a way to keep a section of each pc, like one DIR in sync with all the others, but also to allow for offline editing (when im on my laptop etc etc)

I know windows does offline files in a domain environment, and that there are sync utils like RSYNC, but it isnt a topic i've really looked into, and so before i go a'googlein I thaught i'd ask here... as im sure a few of you have been in the same situation.

Suppose this may sound like a n00b question, but its something ive never really wanted/needed untill now, so any help or useful comments will be appriciated.



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This isn't a solution it is however a surgestion for the choice of protocall. Since windows doesn't support NFS nor dose Linux/BSD properly support windows file sharing (I know samba, but I have had problems getting samba to work properly, and since you are looking for an automatic method it's probably best to avoid), it would probably be best to use a FTP server and then you can script the syncing on the directory on all your computers (even windows).

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Nice suggestion, however ive just started looking along the lines of the andrews filesystem maybe, as it caches content locally and also does file locking etc etc, updateing when it can back to the server. I think it only uses one port too, much nicer for tunneling than FTP.

Appriciate the input tho.. Still open to any other hints or suggestions :)

Cheers people :)

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