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Pineapple Mod Questions

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I have some questions if you guys dont mind.

Sd Card mod

This link is for a fon sd card mod. I was wondering about the pins on the black part, And the other object above the router. For the pins, It looks to me like the wire is set on the top right pin And the one just below it correct?

Can someone conferm the part about (C142, C143, C144, C145) As they are very small i dont really see much solder, And also looks the same on both sides?

the object above the router is it needed or not? (possibly for something else?)

And my final question (Sorry) Can a usb port be added to it to setup the alfa on it or is there any other way.

Thanks again

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The pins with black plastic are for serial and power, they are not used for the SD card mod.

Here is a link that explains the procedure a bit better: http://deve.loping.net/files/fon_mmc/

Keep in mind that this SD card reader is EXTREMELY slow. I've tried it and couldn't really find a use for it.

Forget about making it a web or FTP server.

As for USB, it cannot be added.

There was a fonera version with USB (fonera 2.0g), but it had a different processor.

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